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Soccer Betting Game

Play our free daily betting game and win rewards and weekly cash. 

It's easy to play and simulates a real sportsbook. 

Every day you'll get six games to make picks from. 



1. Make 6 Picks Daily
2. 1,000 Free Credits
3. Most Weekly Points Wins



You can earn bonus credits for getting more than four predictions correct in a day. 

These bonus credits work like Accummulator (ACCA) bets and are added to your weekly betting credits, giving you a stronger bankroll to play with. 



Each soccer betting game round lasts one week, with a new round starting every Monday. 

At the beginning of a new round all players start with 1,000 credits. 

If you miss a day or two don't worry, your daily topup credits will carry over.

For example if you miss Monday, on Tuesday you will have 2,000 credits to bet with.

Winners are announced Monday morning via email and can be seen on the previous weeks leaderboard available on the site. 



Our soccer prediction game rewards you with cash and prizes.

If you finish 1st in a weekly competition, you will receive a cash prize. 

This cash prize is paid directly into your PayPal account. 

If you don't have your own PayPal account, the prize is awarded to the player who came 2nd. 

The prize money grows as the number of players grow, so tell your friends about the game!

You will also receive prizes in the form of trophies for correct picks, credits won and Top 10 finishes etc.



Do the game odds influence your soccer betting decisions?

For most people the answer is Yes. 

If you see high draw odds for example, you may be convinced to change your bet. The same applies when the odds for the favourite are really low, you may change your prediction and place a different bet for bigger returns. 

We want to know what happens when punters make football / soccer predictions first and then place their bets. 

Are their results better?

Is their overall pick percentage better?

Do they win more?

This is the theory behind our Soccer Predictions Betting game. 



When making soccer bets it is important to research information like form guides, team injuries and tactical formations. 

The team pages themselves contain a host of great information. 

As we focus mainly on Premier League matches, we have links to the Top 6 Team Sites below and their betting odds to win outright for 2018/19. 

Manchester City

The defending Champions will be out to repeat and are the bookie favourites at 4/6. 

Liverpool FC

Liverpool are second favourites to win the title this season with a much improved midfield and goal keeper. They are 4/1 to favourites to win their first Premier League title. 

Man Utd

Man Utd will want to prove critics wrong and restore their status as not only the top team in Manchester, but also in English fooball. They will have their work cut out for them and are 7/1 to win the title. 


Chelsea have a new manager which they hope will provide the motivation and tactical nuance to win the title. The nookies have them at 12/1 to win the Premier League. 


Tottenham have surpassed the rivals Arsenal and will hope that hanging on to Harry Kane and co will be enough to make a title challenge this year. They are 16/1 to win the Premier League in 2018/19. 


The Gunners have list momentum over the years and with Arsene Wenger now replaced at the club they will hope to improve this season. The bookmakers don't give them much chance and have them listed as 20/1 to win the league.



The main focus is on soccer betting with Premier LeagueLa LigaChampions League and Bundesliga making up the majority of games. 

On days when the big leagues don't have games we will search other football tournaments and smaller leagues to find matches.

This may mean on days like Monday or Thursday, you could be making predictions for African or Asian leagues, sometimes the U23 or U19 leagues too.

Soccer / Football Predictions typically account for 4 or 5 out of the daily 6 picks, more on weekends. 



The match odds are sourced from leading bookmakers to create a realistic betting experience. 

New games are added daily and the predictions you make with your free credits are rewarded based on the match odds, as with a real money bookie. 



Our leaderboard is updated daily once the previous days results have been calculated.

The leaderboard shows the Top 10 players and your position is highlighted in red. 

You can also view the previous weeks results at the bottom of the leaderboard page. 



The prize money you can win will increase as we attract more players to the game. 

You can help speed up this process by sharing the game on social media. 

If you do share the game let us know and if you win a weekly tournament, we will reward you with a little extra for helping support FanBet.



This Pick 6 Soccer Betting Game was designed to work best on mobile devices.

You can also play it on desktop but the mobile experience is better. In the coming weeks we will continue to make improvements on the game by adding new functionality. If there is anything in particular you would like us to build into the game, send an email at info [@]



There are many soccer predictions sites as you can imagine, but which ones are the best?

We set out to do a little research on the top tipster sites for football betting.

One of the main requirements is that the sites have to have a good mobile experience, as that is how we most often access tips.

Top 5 Soccer Prediction Sites


This sites has the best mobile experience of the bunch and allows us to access soccer predictions for a large variety of games easily.

When you land on the home page the first section you see is called Hot Tips.

These are the most popular betting tips for the day so far.

If you are looking for tips other than soccer, you can easily navigate to the different sections by clicking the applicable icons.

Let’s stick to the topic however and I’ll walk you through the football tips. You’ll see a listing of featured tips once you click on the football icon.

If you agree with a particular tipster you can add the prediction to your betslip and OLBG shows you the best odds available for the selection.

You can then click “Choose Bookie” and you are presented with a listing of preferred bookmakers, which you can edit to your favourites.

Every time you add a new prediction OLBG will now show your preferred bookmaker odds, very nice and easy to use.

So in summary, simply open the site and you will see today’s match predictions. Add the picks you want to track to the betslip and the best odds will be sourced.

Click your favourite bookmaker and place your bet.



Betting Expert claims to have over 450,000 users on their site making daily predictions on sports.

Once you land on the site you will notice a section for hot tips and a preview of today’s matches.

If you scroll further down you will see a listing of Featured Tips.

The way Betting Expert works is players make predictions and you can scroll through them and select tips from punters with a high average yield.

This means you are copying picks from winning bettors, or at least bettors who have a winning track record.

If you click on one of the predictions you are also able to read why the tipster thinks this outcome will prevail, giving you a little more insight into their betting strategy.

The mobile interface is also very user friendly compared to the majority of tipster sites, so you should have no trouble navigating around. If you get stuck, click the live chat option and you can chat to customer support.



BetShoot offers a very simplistic mobile layout that actually works nicely.

When you first open the site you will see 4 featured betting tips, scroll down a bit and you will notice roughly 15 soccer tips by their top performing bettors.

If you click on a prediction you are taken to a review of the game and why the bettor thinks their outcome is the correct one. You can additionally see how many people agree and info on the tipster, like location and average return.

This layout is ok and works just fine, but it lacks that cutting edge offered by some of the more refined products listed above.

It is still however a good resource if you are looking for insight more than odds comparisons and betting integration functionality.



Punter’s Lounge has a strong focus on horse racing but football tips are a close second and thus a good resource for this list.

The site focuses on Accumulator tips for soccer and provides you their recommended combination together with a neat layout for odds and top bookmakers.

You can of course select a specific soccer league to see tips only pertaining to those games.

If you click on the Premier League Predictions for example, you’ll see a list of topics linking to a forum post on each.

I guess this is where the concept of “Punters Lounge” comes in as most of the site tips are found and discussed in a forum setting.

The upside of this is there are a few seasoned betting experts on the site who provide in depth analysis on games using charts, third party references etc.

Overall this is an excellent info resource, if they improved their mobile experience and a little functionality it would be a one-stop shop. Watch this space for updates.



Sbat is a very good desktop resource and whilst they have a mobile version, they try to cram too much information onto the screen, leaving a cramped feeling.

Nonetheless the site has some advantages.

When you first enter you’ll notice five featured soccer games on the home page with head to head stats for each.

If you click a match you are taken to a editors review of the game as well as useful stats like form guides, goals scored, head-to-head stats etc.

An additional cool feature that we like is they also summarise the team news. This is great if you are looking for injury reports and the like which often have an affect on the outcome of a match.

The downside is however that they do not offer odds comparison from this page, so you’ll have to source that yourself.

Overall though the site is a solid option for stats and saves you a trip to the main league sites, although in our opinion those are still the best for matchups.


If you have a great prediction resource you want to share then get in touch and let us know about it. 



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